Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pure Funk Animation

Pure Funk is now officially online, check it out and click the like button if you enjoyed it ;)

One man's quest for freedom in a world where music has been outlawed. A short animation.

Director: Marc Adamson- http://marcadamson.blogspot.com

CG: Simon Ashberry- http://grinterloper.blogspot.com

Hozen Britto- http://hozenbritto.blogspot.com http://vimeo.com/23077847

Billy Odel
Rogie Custudio- http://www.rogiecustodio.com
Noriko Umumera
James Oriel
Sophie Decoyere

Music: Daizen Britto

Sound design: Veronica M. Chen

Editing: Simon Scott

Extra help: Henry chung
Kat Lo
Lydia Adamson
Michal Golec
Maya Britto
Backgrounds: Marc Adamson
Sophie De Coyere