Saturday, 29 August 2009

Chiu Chiu!

Erm, yeah... Entering Bobby Chiu's Coloring competition!

If you don't know, Bobby has been one of my most inspiring artist since his first debut on IMFX. I have learned a great deal from his tutorials, podcasts and a his words of wisdom when it comes to art. Hehe... Just like the quotation I use as a banner for this blog.
Anyway, yeah. If you still haven't, check this guy out. His subway sketches really helped me out when it came to inspiration, specially now that I'm doing animation, we need to draw everywhere we go. So his idea of sketching down the subway was a huge help. I absolutely love his sketches too. Very stylized, yet simple.



Those fuckers at uni snatched my bike away waaaa! I'm soooooo pissed! that damn bike costed me! They didn't even say in the beginning that we weren't aloud to leave bikes through out the holiday... So sad now... I have to get a bike next term... uh!!! FUUUCK!

Anyway, let's be positive! I got a PS3 slim wooo!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play it... Yeah, I don't know, but why are all the PS3 games shooting genres??? They all have the exact settings as one another aswell! All city-scaped themes and apocalyptic times.... It annoys the hell out of me! I can't wait for Tekken 6 and FF13 though. Finally get to play Resident Evil 5! Woop woop! And I cant wait to play my friends on trash panic hehe.

On the other note, I went to see my sister who I haven't seen in more than a year! It was good catching up with her. But that's about the most interesting thing I've done this week lol. I think Ebay just stole some money off me... So I'm currently in dispute with those bastards... Rawr! ebay fraudsters!

That's all for now, peace out!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Opir Sketches


Working on a graphic novel with a friend. Here are some illustrations I'll be doing for it. Character designs will be from me, and he will be writing a story. Hopfully we could successfully finish this and get it published :)

But yeah, pic on the right. I found a really old sketch of it in my drawer as me and mum were rummaging through the cupboards in search of a camera cable lol... I didn't want to do this in color, just in black and white to check the lighting.

I think I'll be doing a few of these. One for every character ^^... Haaaah so excited about the project :B.... But I also have commissions to finish haha...

That's all for now I guess. Been listening to Kevin Michael and Lupe Fiasco quite a lot haha. Songs are stuck in my head! Raaaah! Hmmm... Need to make this DIY cupboard for my room but I really cant be assed...

I want a DSi! My DS is breaking D: <---- random. 'Nuff Said! Peace!


Moarrrr! Ooooooh! uni is starting very soon! I can't wait!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Long time no post!

Erm yeah, new painting... Always wanted to draw something quite detailed in costume ^^,

Quite happy with this, kinda just doodled it on paper... I really need to clean up my sketches before painting them lol... took me pretty much the whole day to paint this... bout 7 hours or so.

Yeah... that's all. Enjoys!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dead Hand

Few commissioned items ive done in the last couple of days ^^, nothing much.
Quite impressed that I managed to post 3 of those a day haha. Now my hands are dying lol... Need to rest them for now.

News-wise, I haven't got any really... Been deliberating with people on my deviant account whether I should sell some of my stuff as posters, seems like a lot of people were interested, but I need to find a good place that prints for a reasonable price.

Well that's all for now I guess.

Peace out!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tea Time

Commissioned item. I really hate painting backgrounds haha...

Gah this took me ages X_X. Anyway, I dont have anything to say really... Woke up today and started working straight away haha... 9-2... thats like5 hours straight!

But yeah... need to get some food X_D.

Oh yeah, watched Ice age 3 yesterday... Boring... I'm not a fan of that film... Didn't really like the first two either.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

2 Months Left!

Ah cripes! Holiday's going real fast! I can't believe I'm moving out to my new boarding house this coming Sept!

Uni doesn't start till the 5th of Oct though, so I might stay here in Brighton and do some more work...

Really looking forward to next year! I'm going to strive this time... Disappointed with my grades this year U_U...

Anyway, here's some old sketches that I decided to color... They were drawn back in 05. Haha. But yeah, that's all for now I guess... Haven't posted anything lately 'cause I don't really have any material to put up here. Ive been doing some sketch commissions but I need to compile about 60 before I post it here haha.

I was trying to learn Illustrator today, only for line drawings, but I pretty much know how it worked already... I need to learn the tabs and shortcuts for it though. It's still quite confusing... All these vector stuff. Uuuuuhhhh... I wanna watch more HIMYM... Too bad it doesn't start till the 21st of next month though! Tried following The Big Bang Theory, but that proved to be not as funny as I thought it would be... :S Meh... Any shows you guys would recommend?


Saturday, 1 August 2009

August Already?!

Dang... Time flies quickly...

So, what's new? Ive been bored lately...
I just bought a new media player, if anyone's heard of it, the WDTV? It's like every pirate's dream haha... Just plug in your USB and play movies straight off it, it's a small gadget that's about the size of your hand...

So yeah, been messing about with that. Watched Taken the other day, it was really cool. Talking about films, who here have seen the latest Harry Potter? My reviews are that it was not as good as the others... the film felt really dragged out and it was hard to follow 8S.... In the end, I didn't even know what it was all about haha... But that's just me...

Anyway, here's a little mess about I did on photoshop... nothing interesting really 8S... AUCB... What a weird initial for my Uni's name x_X