Friday, 28 May 2010

Animation Test

Haha, I was going through my folders today, found this really old clip I did with a friend. So gash, but it was just for fun. :P

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


This was the stuff I've done for my pitch. Not enough went in to it because of the time I had left to develop the idea... But it was a good experience pitching to a big audience. So that was mainly my aim. It's a shame it didn't go through, but hey, that's how it works.

Maybe this could be done in my own time, but the effort it takes to make it look really good could be time-consuming. Dudok De Wits does it by himself, so it is a possibility haha. But to be honest, I don't really want to make it :P.

Blah, nuff said. Here's some material.

Original Storyboard:

Initial Character designs:
Water Colour Concepts:

Digital Concepts:

Working Animatic:


Just forgot how to paint after not being able to do any since I was away in China land... Really need to get back in to it this summer!

This is a character from FF13, been playing that game none-stop, and it has consumed me... Really not fun gil-grinding. But eh... It was a good game after all. Really want to play FF13: Versus, by the looks of things, it seems like it'll have a better story and game play.

For news, well, my pitch didn't get through. But I'm not that bothered about it. I already signed up on a film I really want to work on :D Going to be another year of learning for me. And this time, it's MAYA! Woop! One of my most hated softwares! But I'm sure once it's done, then it should be a breeze.

This means I could also post up my work for the pitch. I'll do that in another entry.

Guess this is it James, your year of learning has come to an end with me. Saved your sorry ass plenty of times. Let's see what you've attained out of it. I'll be around but not for long. So think about what your doing this year.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Err Yeah, here are some more stuff from first year. This is on the first trip to the Marwell zoo.

Not sure if this was the day we all got high.... That might have been the second day. But eh.
I wanna go draw animals some time, kinda missed my chance 'cause I was away in China land.
AHHHHH! this essay is driving me insane!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Golden Oldies

Hmm... Found some really old stuff from when I first joined the course :D

Boy has it been a busy week... Too much crap going on, and I have another frickin essay to write! Uh... I really really hate essays with a passion. Bleh, but after that I should be free... Hopefully. Then that way, I could continue working on commissions.

On the side note, I will be working for a company this summer. They wanted me to do this manga exhibition thing... Not entirely sure what I'm doing exactly, but I will be giving talks for about 2 hours every day, that's all I know. I think it's going to be held at St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington. So if you guys are around or near the place, do say hi ;)

Since summer break is nearing, I promise to update this as much as I can... Even if it's just some nonesense or old work.

Anyway, here you go, some art;