Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Ack, haven't posted anything in a while... I've been doing some commission work... So I will post them here once I've compiled them... Done about 50 character drawings... haha... It was fun though.

That aside, I havent been doing much lately... I have no access to my computer, so all i can do are sketches and what not... not matte paintings or rendered pieces... So yeah, will update once I get hold of proper mediums.

Need to get some funky pencils too! check this site out, they sell some good pencils! Mmmm... What else is there to say? Yeah, work work work I guess! I was reading an art book by Bobby Chui today. Forgot I had it... Been on my desk for ages. It's got some good words of wisdom when it comes to art. So yeah, I'm quite motivated recently :)

Highlight of the day.... Hmm... I bought a rubber! Yay! Excitement!
No... I was just in desperate need for one... Dunno why... I was gonna buy a sharpener when all I use was a mechanical pencil >.>.... But I did lose my lucky sharpener... :/ It was a really good one though... *sad*... But yeah, I also saw some old friends from school! Holy crap! How much do people change in such a short period of time?!

Enough talk... I'll post something soon!


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