Saturday, 17 July 2010


Wow, I haven't posted anything here in ages!

Here's something new, it's only a fanart, but I've been enjoying the latest chapters so far. It's weird, I haven't been in a naruto craze for a while, even though I still follow the series, I don't draw as much of it as I used to before... :S Maybe it's just cause I'm not too inspired at the moment... Meh.

Anyway, news, I've been slacking with the blog because I have been working on commissions lately, and I kind of juggle most of them so I can get them done in stages for the client.

Apart from that, I have also been working in a museum, doing a talk for the manga exhibition, and I've been teaching kids how to draw. Pretty exciting, and it's a good experience. The first time I did it, it was like pitching my film all over again. But it all went smooth after the first time.

I really need to get working on the new film I'm working on for next year, haven't really done anything for that... Though, it is the summer term and I kind of want to relax and make it stress free. Going to Japan this September, so that will be exciting! But yeah, that's all for now, I will try and keep this blog running soon, got some stuff I could post from last term's assessments. Peace!


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