Thursday, 7 October 2010

J.Pan Sketches

I didn't do a lot when I was out there... Been busy travelling everyday.
My Scanner didn't do these images justice. Apologies. Overall and amazing trip!


Bryan said...

Ooooh, so you were in Japan!? I sooo envy you! but you're finaly back, that means we'll all be seeing more of you then. Unless you're going away again? I hope we can keep seeing more of you, keep up your awesomeness Ro-sensei!

Anonymous said...

You have a very talent for drawing people in somewhere. I enjoyed it. X3 Please post more. /or not... I remember I tried to draw Japanese people when I was in Japan (because you are my inspired), lol but they didn't know I drew them, so I'm glad they didn't notice I drew them. I kind fail at drawing them. ^_^;

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