Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bad Dreams?

Recently I have been having reaaaaaaaaally good dreams. Ones that actually have meanings and makes sense. I really miss my friends back home and I keep dreaming that I'm in a beach back in the Philippines with them.

But last night, I had nice dream that lead on to this; being chased by cannibals! And when I woke up, I was sleeping horizontally on my bed. Weird?!

As soon as I woke up, I had to sketch this because I always forget my dreams... Also my friend burnt the toaster and the entire house was covered in smoke...


Mandelak said...

Dreams (when we can actually remember them) produce some of the best ideas at times.

This is dope!

oriol said...

Thanks for your coment! yo have an amazing blog!

You can see here for the book:

But I don' t really know if it' s pay pal...

L ROSSI said...

Really, really ..... REALLY great work here! I look forward to seeing your grad film! :) All the best for the 3rd year final stretch!

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