Tuesday, 22 September 2009

El Matador

Heh... Was inspired by a TV program...

Quite a cruel sport isn't it? But elegant at the same time.

This is just a quick sketch, dunno if I can be bothered to take it any further.

Hmmm... Summer holiday's almost over, two more weeks till I move in to my boarding house.
Had a good summer overall. Done some stuff to keep me occupied. Seeing friends regularly was a plus, as well as seeing some old class mates before they go back to uni.

Been listening to Jay-z and Cudi's new albums. they're both awesome. I specially like Jay-z's 'Empire state of mind' track. Been so obsessed with it haha. Anyone else listened or heard of Milow? He's a Belgian artist, and his debut album is pretty good. Here, check it out.

Talking about music, I gave in and finally bought an ipod... I always thought I didn't need one and I'm not a big fan of apple products, but an ipod is another necessity in life I guess haha. Another news is that How I Met Your Mother is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched the episode today, it was awesome haha. Damn they sure know how to play with cliff hangers. Heroes is also back, but I only watched one episode and fell asleep on the second half haha. Had a craving for chocolate today... Very bad... Damn my sister for buying those chocolate cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

love the redness :)) yeah. congrats for buying yourself an ipod. haha

Ben Ho said...

Hey Roggerzzz! I know ur a fellow Bobby Chiu fan so I just wanna point u to his live streams. Ive been listening to them lately got really inspired.


Roggle said...

oh hey ben, yeah, i watched a few of them... he's been updating them in deviantart so ive been keeping track ^^

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