Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Object!!!!

Yeah, haven't posted in a while... This pic was a commissioned piece based on Ace Attorney, a DS game...

PS: I've never played this game...

Phew, been busy moving stuff back to my new accommodation. Also my aunt is now renting my room for the mean time, so I had to help her move stuff around. Tiresome.

Been playing Resident Evil 5. So addictive ><... I can't stop playing mercenaries and versus! Haha. It's really funny listening to players online. They chat the most random things... There was this south American guy who I was playing with and he just kept shouting 'cuidado!' lol... [means 'help']. But yeah, didn't know there were a few female gamers... Quite strange for me haha. But yeah, tis good fun. Batman Arkham Asylum has pretty sick graphics! Havent played it much yet though. Just the intro part. But it looks promising.

Anyway, that's all for now. If you have a PS3, add me. My PSN ID is Roggles09.



A Writing Strawberry said...

Herm, I've never played that game either...Good job though! I'm always amazed by your artistic abilities! ^^
You've been Resident Evil 5! I'm so jealous! T^T poor guy yelling help! lol :D
And you have Arkham Asylum too! I'm so jealous!! TT^TT

Wykesie said...

oh this is AWESOME!
i've played all the games you should give em a go rogie they're great fun :)

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