Saturday, 10 April 2010

China Land

Woah! Loooooooooong time since I last updated. Seems like I've been slacking, but nope. I was away on a placement in China. Was working for an animation studio there. It was quite new, so the company didn't seem very busy, and to be fair it looked very unprofessional and everyone seems to be laid back with their work, but they still take everything seriously. [As some of us experience whilst we were out there].

I've learnt a lot when I was out there, especially in story boarding, and how they work. Long hours from 9-9 every day wasn't too bad once you get used to it, since the work wasn't very heavy. I think they system there works as how much you can do not how long you can work for.

The company has changed a lot since I first saw it, the film they're working on, Back to the Sea has been in pre-production for quite a while now, maybe about 4 or 5 years now and they still keep changing stuff. But yeah, check their website for more details.

It was cool how the trip ended up being a holiday instead of a placement 'cause they took us out everywhere, and pretty much everything was paid for. Here's a few snapshots;

Whilst I was out there, I've been doing a lot of drawing, my journal of China was my sketchbook, so it was fun drawing people and places where ever you go. It's funny how this is the first time I've used a holiday as a drawing exercise... Makes it seem really sad, but if you're surrounded by fellow artist, you kinda have to do it and it's not as awkward. Haha. But yeah, the experience was great, and it was fun drawing people you see.

By the way, the order is reversed, so start from the bottom.


Sofia said...

China is so beautiful :) And I love your sketchwork! How do your sketchbook/journal look like? How big is it? A4?

Ben Ho said...

Ah! Your blog changed address! Anyway... welcome back to the West :P How did my comrades treat u lol. These drawings made me wet! Keep it up! Some of these reminds me a bit of James Jean's sketchbook pages. Have a google for him because I think hes ace!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, have added your new blog's RSS to LJ syndicated feeds for tracking <3

Love the pen and ink work in particular, but the watercolor is shiny and the markers give such a grea mood. Adore life drawing work - and OMG, the scenes \o\o/o/ I'm crazy mad about the bridge over the water - TBH you could probably go back to it later and get a print out of it *_* The mood is just great.

Great to see your work again *hugs*

Roggle said...

Sofia: I was working on an A5 sketchbook ^^

Ben: lol china was sound, your comrades treated me well haha. there was a lot of eating involved lol.

yeah good shout on james dean, his sketchbooks are pretty awesome :D

gossy: thanks, that little pond was actually quite murky haha, filled with algae and such, but the rocks and layout around it was really pretty. pitty they didnt clean it :S

Zen said...

Coooool. A+ lol

Roggle said...

haha cheers man! xD

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