Sunday, 11 April 2010

Need More

Aw man, I haven't done much life drawing year, I just checked my stuff fromUni and it turns out that I only had about 6 sketches... I really miss life drawing, I really have to do a lot on these last two week :S

Not very long till pitch week, and I still haven't fully churned out the stuff I have to do for it. I will start doing it once I get advice from the tutors. But yeah, here's a few crap that I have.

On the other hand, I've been playing final fantasy a lot... I'm 1 boss away from completing it, but I decided to do a bit of level grinding. So yeah, that's my life wasted.
Overall, good game though, at least the story was very good this time. But I'm not entirely sure about the game mechanics... The battle system is practically X-2 with the sphere grid and everything... But still, it's quite refreshing. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks good. What do you use to draw your stuff? Pen, pencil, or something else?

gossymer said...

Adore the lighting on the helmet and the way you were able to capture the muscles and expression in the other piece - even for a static pose, the style is so fluid in a way <3

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