Wednesday, 12 May 2010


This was the stuff I've done for my pitch. Not enough went in to it because of the time I had left to develop the idea... But it was a good experience pitching to a big audience. So that was mainly my aim. It's a shame it didn't go through, but hey, that's how it works.

Maybe this could be done in my own time, but the effort it takes to make it look really good could be time-consuming. Dudok De Wits does it by himself, so it is a possibility haha. But to be honest, I don't really want to make it :P.

Blah, nuff said. Here's some material.

Original Storyboard:

Initial Character designs:
Water Colour Concepts:

Digital Concepts:

Working Animatic:


Anonymous said...

ur drawings are all adorable. i really enjoyed watching the video. poor chicken, he has been eaten by snake. i adore your digital concepts and they're so neat and smooth. i'll look forward for your video when you color it.

Mandelak said...

Wow! Dude your work is really really well done. the story for this was pretty solid I think has that disney short type of feel to it. Keep up the good work.

the dude that did cencoroll was pretty much by himself on the project. anything is possible, but a team of people is better.

mad inspiration dude.

Ben Ho said...

Hey man! Sorry to hear it didnt go through. Im sure you can bounce back from any kind of setbacks. Lets see your response :D
Heres a few crits for you... I think you could have used music to help set the mood. It can really help create an atmosphere. The animatic looks good and it reads very well which is not easy. I think though that the ending is a bit too abrupt and the synopsis of the story isnt entirely clear. Say if you had the chick escape his ordeal with the snake and managed to be reunited with his family then he would have evolved in the story. He knows not to run off from his family and through the conflict he faced he has learned his lesson. Think of the character arc (through the events of the story we tell, how has the character changed from the beginning and the end?).
Hope that was helpful. Looking forward to seeing what u do next!

Roggle said...

yeah, i didnt really have much time to develop this idea after coming back from china. the story did change quite a lot compared to my original storyboards, but yeah... im not really fussed tbh ^^,

thanks for the kind words guys :D

Mandelak said...

would make for a dope portfolio piece though. finished or not.

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