Thursday, 31 March 2011


Intense last 2 weeks! It's all going crazy, I've been working like a horse for the film. I hope we could get this done in time. If not, then in time for BFI :P
Also I'm excited to go to Annecy this year! It's going to be a treat after all that work.

But yeah here are some sketches that I never got to finish and I just found them on my desktop... Someday maybe... Picture on the right was obviously inspired by one of my old piece. Just drew it off the top of my head.

Also, I have been learning about after effects, very coooooool program I have to say. Glad I chose to teach myself it :P

Here's a test from a scene In the film I'm working on. Also, I have posted a link to my portfolio on the top right of my the blog.


Betty said...

Did you get the mix up cleared up between the 'stolen portfolio'?

Roggle said...

haha it was a frape from natalie. dont worry about it.

Ben Ho said...

Ppppfffffffttttt... Morrigan *roll eyes*

Roggle said...

goota love her ;)

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