Tuesday, 22 March 2011

PS Sketch

An old drawing from second year I found. Decided to mess around with it on photoshop.


"TORI CAT" said...

I love your work, You are incredibly talented :)
I hope you dont ind, but i have linked your blog on my blog, under my "inspiring Talents" list.
I see you too also went to Nanjing. Myself along with a couple of others were the fist "ginni-pig" students to go out there on the work placement. It was an awesome experience :)
Hope the 3rd year is treating you well and the stress and work load of it all isn't getting to ya!!! ;)

all the best,

Osamah said...

its no longer Borders mate. Sad times :( good tribute tho.

It's become Tesco now :P

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