Saturday, 29 August 2009

Chiu Chiu!

Erm, yeah... Entering Bobby Chiu's Coloring competition!

If you don't know, Bobby has been one of my most inspiring artist since his first debut on IMFX. I have learned a great deal from his tutorials, podcasts and a his words of wisdom when it comes to art. Hehe... Just like the quotation I use as a banner for this blog.
Anyway, yeah. If you still haven't, check this guy out. His subway sketches really helped me out when it came to inspiration, specially now that I'm doing animation, we need to draw everywhere we go. So his idea of sketching down the subway was a huge help. I absolutely love his sketches too. Very stylized, yet simple.


Ben Ho said...

Hey awesome stuff RC! Great to hear about your inspirations and who you learned from. I listen to his podcast sometimes when I work. Its great to hear artists speak about these kind of issues, a lot of tutorials are just "i did this and then this" but I enjoy hearing about his mentality and thinking. Anywhoo, this looks good! Rendering is similar to the original artist too, I think you could add a tiny bit more highlights around the image to help 'pop' out some more forms if you want to push it, but dont go too far :P

Roggle said...

thanks Ben,

i tried adding more highlights to this one [edited the pic] but still, i think i cant push it further, maybe its because i started off with a lighter base ^^'....

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