Sunday, 8 November 2009

2nd Year Life Drawing

Yeah, I feel like I need to do more of these... Comparing them to my first year's work, they do look slightly better, but they still have the same sort of feel to it... Maybe it's just the way I draw.

I will be posting more of these soon. Got a huge pile of these in my USB.

As for news, I got nothing... I went to Brighton for the weekend, just to sort some stuff out. My mum's not feeling very well, so that's the reason I went down to visit. She's been away from work for about a month now so I got concerned.

I was rummaging through the storage closet last night and I found some of my old books from A-Levels haha. I was surprised with what I saw... I've came to a conclusion that i now suck at painting and I need to practice more. My books from A-Levels were so much better hahahahahaha. That's what I get for relying on digital painting I guess... I need to start using some oil paints again. I really like using them. But yeah, I'll post some of the pages from my old stuff here soon, just need to get hold of a scanner....

That's all folks!



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