Monday, 30 November 2009


Speed painting for fun... Been playing Tekken 6 a lot recently. That game is too addictive!
Really like the new characters, specially Leo.

Been trying to play it online but its just so damn laggy, so been playing with my housemate. She says I cheat if I use combos on her, but she does spam a lot of Alisa's hard hits.

But yeah, that's all for now, just wanted to mess about with photoshop. Took about 1 hour. I did some progress shots, but I don't think there's much point posting it since they're quite big leaps in process...



YaBoyRampz said...

Yoooo, it's Kadeem add me on PSN so I can school you at Tekken =P My add is YaBoyRampz.

How you been though? It's been a while man. Zen showed me some of the work for the film and so far it looks sick. You guys are doing a great job. Hope things are all good up in BMT.


Roggle said...

hey man! thats cool, my internet at home is not recognised by my ps3 for some reason, but maybe i could play you over the xmas hols.

my id is roggles09.

yeah, things are going pretty smooth this year i guess. how bout you? i heard ur learning jap?

Ben Ho said...

This is nice! Though I think some of the noise is a bit too much in places like the background so you could perhaps erase into those.

YaBoyRampz said...

Coolio, I'll add you before I hit the hay.

Yeah it looks like you guys are having fun, even all the way from BMT you guys are keeping me inspired.

I'm all good man, just went into seclusion to get my head straight and work on some things. AIB kinda killed my passion but the flame is back so it's good to be producing stuff again. Yeah I'm taking a degree in Japanese next September. It's gonna be quite sick cos' I get to live there for a year in my third year so by then I'll have a portfolio ready and be able network.

Anyway I'm gonna go back to grinding but keep in touch dude!

carlos de la parra said...

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