Saturday, 29 August 2009



Those fuckers at uni snatched my bike away waaaa! I'm soooooo pissed! that damn bike costed me! They didn't even say in the beginning that we weren't aloud to leave bikes through out the holiday... So sad now... I have to get a bike next term... uh!!! FUUUCK!

Anyway, let's be positive! I got a PS3 slim wooo!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play it... Yeah, I don't know, but why are all the PS3 games shooting genres??? They all have the exact settings as one another aswell! All city-scaped themes and apocalyptic times.... It annoys the hell out of me! I can't wait for Tekken 6 and FF13 though. Finally get to play Resident Evil 5! Woop woop! And I cant wait to play my friends on trash panic hehe.

On the other note, I went to see my sister who I haven't seen in more than a year! It was good catching up with her. But that's about the most interesting thing I've done this week lol. I think Ebay just stole some money off me... So I'm currently in dispute with those bastards... Rawr! ebay fraudsters!

That's all for now, peace out!


Marc said...

Hey mate, sorry to hear about the bike, what did they do with it??
those comissions are looking spiffing! looks like you've been busy..

Roggle said...

yo marc! haha they took the bike away for 'disposal' so i dunno what the hell theyve done to it X_X.... so pissed off tho.

how was ur summer?
cant wait to start working on the film this year!

Anonymous said...

Why would the uni steal your bike? Just because you left it there over summer? That's just odd.

Anyways, congrats on the Ps3! A mate of mine just bought his yesterday too, good to see everyone join in on the party.

What's your PSN ID? I'll add you

Roggle said...

haha yeah, finally got it!

erm i dont know... how do u find out? gimme yours. easier that way xD

Anonymous said...


You have to make an account I think. It's for your trophies and stuff.

Here's my playfire profile, you should make one too :P

sara said...

ohh the poor bike XD over here its no big deal leave anythin out for a second and it gets stolen event the plants in the front lawn 0.0 XD as for the pas3 games i have on two why dunt u try oblivion the elder scrolls XD

I'amFran said...


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