Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dead Hand

Few commissioned items ive done in the last couple of days ^^, nothing much.
Quite impressed that I managed to post 3 of those a day haha. Now my hands are dying lol... Need to rest them for now.

News-wise, I haven't got any really... Been deliberating with people on my deviant account whether I should sell some of my stuff as posters, seems like a lot of people were interested, but I need to find a good place that prints for a reasonable price.

Well that's all for now I guess.

Peace out!


Hadia said...

Hi... I was just wondering, is there by any chance that we could se a tutorial from you? :D And i mean Youtube style xD

And ive heard that you only use PhotoShop CS3, is that ture? If it is, how do you get your lines so smooth? :D

bruno-sensei said...

really nice commissions! so, you got any news about the prints you wanted to make? you could do book-marks to give as a remembrance for those who'd by the posters =D continue giving us info about it, please ^^

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