Monday, 11 May 2009

Animation Crew 08

This is just a compiled drawing of all the members of our year. I think we should use this in our final year haha. Would be awesome to have this as a tee or a jumper 8D

Hehe, remember this guys? I still need to add the people missing... About two people dropped out of the course, but I'll just keep them up there ^^,


Wykesie said...

i still love this rogie!
Yes! we should definitely use this in our final year! Sod getting a year photo we already got it haha

Ben Ho said...

Great stuff Rogie! You can really tell who each of them are! Now u need to do one for every year :P

Roggle said...

lol! thanks guys!

ben, that would be over kill lol. i havent even completed this one XDDDD

Marc said...

ha ha that's awesome! yep, your going to have to do one for the two other years!!

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