Friday, 1 May 2009

Second semester is finally over!

Ohhhhh yeah!

So glad everything's out of the way! Hopefully I could get back to doing some commissions, and some personal work.

But for now, here's some work that I submitted...

I'm quite confident with my stuff this time around, last time wasn't so strong, especially my essay hehe... but yeah, I feel like a have improved quite a lot looking comparing these to my old stuff... but I dunno, will get the results in three weeks time! so fingers cross 8)


Anonymous said...

i searched for your beginnings and i found them i observed that they are quite good compared to mine >_>

i dont have the time and sometimes i dont have the will to draw but i am determinated to give my best after i finish with final high school exams

i will be watching ya and if you dont mind i will eyeball some of your stuff :)

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