Friday, 1 May 2009

On location

Some sketches I did when I was out and about.


ShouYume said...

I particularly enjoy your scenery sketches! That's probably the worst thing for me, to create an effective background; I also attend the art institute (Online division, the nearest physical campuses are about 2 hours away each) so I hope to get better at that. What media do you use for these quick scenery sketches? It looks like watercolor and inks to me, but I could always be wrong; I'm always curious to know what are the best supplies to use for such ventures. =3

Roggle said...

Hey there, thanks!

Yeah, I used watercolors on those colored ones, and I used a brush pen for the ink works.

Kuroitenshi or Bonnana King said...

I want to add you, but I can't seem to figure it out with your layout. @____@.

Adam Lucas said...

Ok cool..i added add me! :)

Nice sketches. The bridge...and that interior are wonderful.

Roggle said...

added u alreay, apparently? x_X

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