Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Yaaaaawn

Yeah, here's a small update, I managed to get hold of some animations from uni... This one is of the yawn, and I also updated the third year project blog, just added an animation I've done today for them ^^, still in rough ofcourse. But yeah, will be cleaning it up soon.

I was going to go back to Brighton today... It was my sis' b-day on Sunday, and I haven't seen her since last year... 8S But there was a lot going on today. And tomorrow, I have been invited by my director to his b-day down the beach. We also had a house viewing at Osborne rd. After seeing it, I really hope we find a decent house soon! It was owned by Jennings... uh! that damn company is so shit! After the big disappointment, I headed towards Holly's, helped her set up her blog layout, some chitchat, and what not. Hehe... It was fun picking out templates, because we were debating on whether Tom would like it or not... haha. I'm looking forward to your new post Hols!

Holly, you shouldve went for those swirls and candies! ahahhaha, Tom would've punched you!

But yeah, I think that's all for today... Gonna end the night watching a movie eating some pot noodles... nom nom, oh yes, embracing the asian-ness indeed! Lol... Or I just can't be assed to cook, since its half 11 and I'm starving.


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