Friday, 22 May 2009

Commencing Commissions

Working on commissions now, just started on some old ones I got a while back. nothing much really. Erm yeah, hopefully I could continue doing this through out the summer to get some pocket money ^^,

Quite an eventful day today with my housemate... Very worried about her... Hope she'll be doing alright. If you still haven't tried this, then I think you should. Suggested by my racist friend from my last post, it's a website where you can do quick gesture drawings. It's a real good way of doing some quick life drawings, so that could keep you entertained this summer. So yeah, check posemaniacs.

By the way, In case any one of you are wondering, he's not really a racist haha. I love the guy to bits. It's just funny 'cause I contribute to it haha. And our group kind of revolves around this peculiar manner. Yesterday, I was counting how many asians walked across the street. Seems like Hankinson road is home to many of the ethnic minority lol... Counted about 8 in an hour in total! I was like; "Yep, that right there... Is my family! lol". PS, kids, don't try this at home unless you have other ethnic friends haha. Otherwise, you can safely call yourself a racist XD.


Adam Lucas said... this is sick...thanks for the WIP

Bruno said...

it's awesome! I wanted to know how you make the lines of the drawing and how do you make them so thin and not trembling... what's the size you normally use on an image? the coloring looks amazing too! /o/

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