Friday, 17 July 2009


Nananananananananananananana BATMAN!
I really need to do some soft shades XD... been too reliant on cell shading 8S...


PS: Dark Knight the film was over rated... No offence to lovers haha...


Michael Gardiner said...

What do you mean, when you say that the dark knight is over rated? im not particuarly saying that its the greatest film ever made, beacause it isn't, but the story works well and heather ledger adds a new dimension to the character of the joker. now slumdog millionaire is an over rated film, 1+ oscars, was it really that good?
Anyway back to the dark knight, in regards to the visual effects, double negative and co did a very good job so i dont think it cant be criticised visually. The only thing I disliked from the story was the fact that harvey dent became two face at the end, even though that is his destiney in the batman series, they could have perhaps saved it. I'm not sure that the dark knight won any oscars either. Its not on the same level as the lord of the rings trilogy, but i dont think that its really that over rated. Its just a good film. So what I am basically saying is that I think C Nolan did a good job making the Dark Knight. I think alot of the credit comes down to Ledgers performance too, which to be fair was very entertaining to watch.

Roggle said...

erm i mean over rated as in over rated lol...
just like watchmen.

both films have bad narration if you ask me. theyve been hyped up waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. not saying that the film is total crap but yeah, its just over rated.

heath ledger dying doesn't make this film any better either.

but yeah, slum dog? i dunno, i think that was an ok film. not even near over rated, it think its more under rated if you ask me. I didnt see anyone getting hyped up about it.

Michael Gardiner said...

I think heath ledger's performance was really good as the joker, maybe you didnt? i dont know.
I agree that one characters performance doesn't make a film, but i dont think his performance was over rated. i think he would have still recieved alot of praise for it if he was still alive.
I fail to see how you think slumdog was under rated when it won " roughly 8 oscars," dunno the exact amount, but thats not the point. it won way to many. i thought it was a bit coinsidential how each life experience was the arnswer to a question, i mean come on, really? i dont think so. in terms of it being a love story, i have seen much better. there was also alot of un needed elements in the film, for instance ; salims actions and latikas face being cut at the end. it just seemed to me that it was hailed because it explored a different aspect of the world, poverty in india.

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