Sunday, 12 July 2009


These ones are some sketches on location again... The first few are from a dream I had... Weird, but when I was in this room, it looked so nice. So I just had to sketch it out before I completely lose it... As they say, some of the best storie's comes from you dream, so jot it down as soon as you wake up otherwise they'll disappear forever... For some reason I'm one of those people who has a dream but as soon as they wake up, I completely forget what I just dreamed about... Anyway, here they are ^^


bruno-sensei said...

too many drawings, so I'll give a general comment. I really like your ninjas specially Kogan and Rikaku, their sketches look really nice and I liked specially the one where you show their ages. Rikaku is my favorite, I even made a drawing of her. I loved the face on the 11th picture. Kogan looks so much like you, it's impossible to deny it XD the fanarts you made of naruto look really good, it's good to see things in the characters' design that I haven't noticed before. If I'm not mistaken the ninja with that bull is Elisa's (tiggerfactory), looks awesome! you did great in the style of this one. The background looks really good! and I'll tell you something about dreams... I'm the same way... I used to think I was all alone about that... when I wake up I forget everything, I keep trying to remember and I even get the sensation of almost remembering, but nothing comes... almost as if I could remember anytime, but can't. The maximum I can remember is a word, or color or a person. But as a Psychology student I understood it XDD dreams you don't remember have a special reason for being like that XDD

Roggle said...

Yep, that's elisa's alright... i drew that ages ago when i was holding the competition then.

yeah, i only remember who's in my dream but not the details of what happened X_D

bruno-sensei said...

in my case is worse XD i can´t remember anything o.-

iAN said...

How do you get sketches like those to that clean lineart? I just really dont know how to do that!

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