Saturday, 18 July 2009


Yeah... Been listening to a lot of Korean pop lately... Some of their songs are really annoyingly addictive to listen to... Haha.

Kinda like when my sister was trying to make me listen to Lady Gaga... hated her so much at first, but that damn po-po-po-poker face really got in to my head after she played it a few times ><...

Anyway, what to say, oh yeah, watched Bruno lol.
That film is only good to watch once, I watched it again with my sister today and it wasn't as funny...
Apparently they cut out loads of bits from it, it was orginally a 15, but now an 18 film... It was really short too, about 1 hour and a bit [a half maybe]?

But yeah, I've been doing commissions as usual, but what's sad was that I was playing Tekken 5 till sunrise one night... Uh! I was just fiddling with my PS2 and looking for games and I thought mmm Tekken, havent played that in a while, gah! totally forgot the buttons lol...

By the way, this image was inpired by a video I watched recently, some Korean singers called 2PM had these funky costumes, so I thought they'd look cool drawn. Ended up looking like the Beetles lol. But yeah, some music inspiration lately. Speaking of music, Boom Boom Satellites are my new easy tune! Weee!


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