Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Power Cut!


Man, this took me ages... I was working on it this morning, and I wasn't saving anything... 3 hours later, and still working on it, the electricity died because our meter ran out! I was so pissed off because I did not hit the save button once! and I was almost complete as well ><...
But yeah, had to start from scratch and color it again... Pretty pleased with how it came out though ^^, Yeah, characters are from Naruto.

On the other hand, I went to London the other day traveling from Birmingham. Damn It was the hottest day of the week, and guess what, all the damn coaches' air cons were broken! It was like a sauna in that bus! The trip was a lot of fun though. It was quite an eventful 3 days.

Anyway, that's all for now. Time to resume the sketch commissions!


bruno-sensei said...

I said: 'finally!!!!!', it's been a while since I wanted to see what Kishimoto had up for Gaara. I found it kinda funny that he still had the black shades underneath his eyes even though he can sleep now XDDD. Oh, and that's terrible, it happened to me once and I totally gave up on coloring the drawing, only now one year later I decided to color it again. I save in each second XD it's like an addiction XD. The result looks really good! I like the fact their clothes changed a little bit. What's the temperature there when it's hot? here it's a minimun of 25º C and maximum of 35º C, too hot >.> and the buses don't have air-conditioning... it's always a saune when you take a ride in one. Brazil is always too hot. And your trip was quite long, huh? I'd like to see the new commissions ^^ I'll see if I can get one after I get some money with my bookmarks.
your birthday is coming, so is mine =D~~

Adam Lucas said...

Ah bro...this is beautiful as ever..great coloring.....well done.

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