Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rockery Rocks

So, I woke up this morning and I was going to make breakfast... So I made some porridge and then when I tried to take it upstairs to my room, I accidentally dropped it because I couldn't walk that far with a boiling hot porridge on my hand!

The damn bowl had to land on the carpet and break. Hell let me tell you that it is not a fun job cleaning it up! Its like cleaning someone's sick... And damn was it hard to take off... ha

Moving on, I made this picture today just to test out some rock painting... Man it was hard... But I got there in the end... I really suck at painting rocks... I need to get more reference >.>

5 comments: said...

Woo Rogie you are amazing, the background looks great, like the characters, you're the best and drawing or coloring, go ahead I hope to continue seeing your work.

PD: You can send the brushes of the rocks please ^^

Ben Ho said...

Looking good RC! The background is nice, fits in with the characters. Looking forward to your 2nd year?

Roggle said...

hey ben, cheers!

haha im really looking forward to next year! im gonna work my ass off xD.

you got a job yet? btw, i still havent seen the film... you should send me a copy T_T...

Ben Ho said...

Yeah, sorry dude. Ive been trying to get a file of the film but the tutors r always using the editing computer n I couldnt get a hold of it. But hopefully soon!
Yes! Work that ass off dammit! Erm... the work Ive been negotiating for a while has collapsed so will look for another place :D But hey! Bring it on baby!

bruno-sensei said...

I hate when my food drops >.> I have a hard time at cooking it and it drops... it sucks to have to cook it all again... and still need to clean everything... the coloring of your rocks looks really good... you're still thinking it looks bad?

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