Thursday, 16 July 2009


Well, nothing new to update... But I've got news for ya!

The other day, I registered on another online portfolio website called Behance Network. It's mainly for illustration work or graphics, but a friend of mine told me to make an account there. He's a professional illustrator and he said that there are a lot of serious workers on that website.

To my luck, after posting some pictures up last night, I got an email from one of the editors of Advance Photoshop Magazine. If any of you are familiar with that magazine at all? It's a hi-end magazine specially made for photoshoppers and digital painters around the globe. It featured very skilled artist such as Stanley Lau, famous for his character creation of Pepper, and founder of the studio; Imaginary Friends.

But yeah, quite a fruitful few days because my fortune cookie said thesame thing... Weird huh? Yes, I went to a chinese restaurant for a meal haha. So yeah, watch out for the magazine. It's going to feature a few works from me ^^, I think its going to be on the September issue.

Another news is that I got my grades, and better yet, remember the poster I made for the third year's film? They are now currently using it to promote the animation course haha. It's now the new badge.

What else... Oh yeah, I started to fiddle with my computer and now I'm trying to upgrade it... Too bad my motherboard is a bit old but yeah, been upgrading it to run smoother on heavy programs like photoshop and such.

Here are some techy speckies:

2.8 Dual Core CPU
9800 GT Graphics card
1.4 TB HDD

I think that's all you need to know really ^^' but yeah, its running smoothly now. My friend's encouragine me to install games on it but I refuse! Its weird but I dont like playing games on a PC... But thats just me.

I'll try and post more pics up, but yeah, that's all the news for now. Also created a temporary online porfolio. Go check it out! ^^


HannahViera said...

Nice! Glad you joined. What's your username on Behance?

Roggle said...

its my name 8)
Rogie Custodio ^^

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