Thursday, 9 July 2009


Maaaaaah... Lack of update recently... This is due to my damn scanner not working! Argh... I need to get my computer from Bournemouth so I could do more work!

But yeah, here's something I drew on the computer... Slow ass laptop keeps freezing everytime I use photoshop ><.

It was my birthday 3 days ago, so I'm 20 now... Dang... Can't use those teenage excuses anymore! :P I feel so old! Shoutout to those who came, and who sent me presents! Holly, your present was the best! Very random indeed! haha.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going back to Bournemouth to get my computer on friday. Hopefully I could post more material then.


tamajin said...

Looks great as usual! I want to try coloring this sometime this summer. :D

Kobayashi said...

I love your works, i'm an your italian fan.
Your work looks fantastic.
Please learn me to use the pen tool like you ç___ç
Can i have your msn? I have to tell you somethings.
Or if you want: (don't look the andress xD)
excuse me for my bad english =P

bruno-sensei said...

wow, you think 20 is old? I think it's still a long way from it /o/. There are still many excuses for you to use XDD. But so? Did you party? Mine will be tomorrow on the 11th and I'm going to have lots of fun with my friends ^^. I hope everything to be well when you go get your computer... and I colored this drawing =D~~ your gift is coming soon, don't think I forgot, I just didn't have time ^^" see ya!

Holly and Tom said...

ooooh i like this one a lot its pretty and swirly, you know i loves me the swirls hxxx

anhelis93 said...

is a good pic.
i ♥ pic...

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