Saturday, 11 July 2009


Yeaaaaaaaah! I finally got my scanner to work. I had to get my computer back from Bournemouth though, which was a pain to carry on the train 8(...

But yeah, finally got it all set up, and I can post more crappage here! Woop!

Alright, got tons of sketches, let's start off with these ones, they're sketches I drew when I was planning out my entry picture for the Darkstalkers competition, held by UDON crew.


bruno-sensei said...

yey!!! now we'll be able to see your sketches!! what I liked in the first drawing is Morrigan's body pose, it looks really pretty and aliens are strange no matter how XD; in the second drawing the girl looks very cute, I love the sitting poses, the guy looks nice, and you draw animals very well, but what I liked the most was the kitty with the bell in it's tail! /o/ and in the third drawing I liked the concept you used, you should develop the idea, it would become a beautiful art

シャドウワイバーン・金霊 said...

Dang bro, that Lilith sketch you did was a beaut! 8D

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